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Paul Williams Among this Year’s World Soundtrack Awards Nominees

ASCAP Members, including ASCAP President Paul Williams Score 11 World Soundtrack Awards Nominations.

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Paul Williams Honored with Ivor Novello Award

Paul Williams was honored with the PRS for Music Special International Award. The Ivor Novello Awards are presented by BASCA in association with PRS for Music.

The Paul Williams & Tracey Jackson Podcast


Podcast #24 – Patricia Cornwell

Patricia Cornwell  is the world’s number one bestselling crime writer. Pretty amazing achievement isn’t it? Today we are thrilled to have her as out podcast guest.
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Podcast #23 – Malcolm Jamal Warner

You might remember him from the cute little boy on The Cosby Show. Well, he is all grown up and a talented singer and director.
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Podcast #22 – Phil Rosenthal

Phil Rosenthal was the creator and executive producer of the hit show Something About Raymond. He has a new show on PBS called I’ll Have What Phil is Having.
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Podcast #21 – William Powers

William Powers is the author of the bestselling book Hamlet’s Blackberry. Listen as he shares his insights and wisdom and some laughs.
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