Walt Disney Records Celebrates The Upcoming 35th Anniversary Of The Muppet Movie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Rainbow Connection is going digital, as Walt Disney Records celebrates the upcoming 35th Anniversary of the classic frogs-to-riches story, “The Muppet Movie,” with the re-release of its Grammy-winning soundtrack album. Originally produced by Paul Williams and executive produced by late Muppet creator Jim Henson, the album features eleven timeless songs by Williams and Kenny Ascher. The release, for the first time in both digital and physical formats, coincides with the Blu-ray™ release of the classic 1979 film. Featuring new liner notes by Oscar® and Grammy®-winning composer Paul Williams, the album arrives in stores and at online retailers August 13.

From the opening strum of Kermit the frogs banjo on “The Rainbow Connection” (a 1979 Oscar nominee for Best Original Song) to the dazzling Hollywood sound stage finale featuring the entire Muppet cast singing “The Magic Store,” the songs of “The Muppet Movie” make up the most memorable movie score ever written for a frog, pig, dog and whatever The Great Gonzo is.

As Williams writes in his liner notes, Henson set out to not make a children’s film but rather one “for the child in all of us.” The Muppets creator gave Williams and Ascher total freedom to write songs they felt suited the story and characters. That they did with tunes like Kermit’s touching and world renowned “Rainbow Connection,” Miss Piggy’s dulcet “Never Before, Never Again” (the sweetest pig-frog love song ever) and the rockin’ “Can You Picture That” by the legendary band, The Electric Mayhem, featuring Animal on drums.

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