The Huffington Post: A Chat With ASCAP President Paul Williams

A Conversation with BMG Songwriter, Recording Artist and ASCAP President/Chairman Paul Williams

Mike Ragogna: Paul. We meet again!

Paul Williams: Hey, how are you, Mike?

MR: Pretty good. Thanks for taking the time.

PW: Absolutely, happy to do it.

MR: Me too, I do appreciate your time. And I’m happy for you, your co-writing “Touch” and “Beyond” with Daft Punk.

PW: Isn’t that exciting, for an old guy to have something like this roll along? I met yesterday with a guy who writes for The Street and he said the most amazing thing: “You had cuts by Elvis and Ray Charles and Daft Punk.” One of the miracles of my life is the fact that I live and work in a musical world where ageism isn’t really nipping at my heels, evidently. I kind of like that.

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