Rock NYC: The Great Paul Williams Residency at Cafe Carlyle, April 2013

April 24, 2013: Remember that Odd Couple episode where Felix is driving his daughter batty and she is rebeling because she wants to go see her fave rock star. That rock star would be one Paul Williams. How cool is that? I think that would be a good enough reason to love Paul WIlliams and be so excited to be checking him out during his Cafe Carlyle Residency (I’m going on Wednesday, April 24th).

But that is hardly even the beginning. WIlliams played Swan and wrote the brilliant soundtrack to Brian De Palma’s rock and roll “Phantom Of Paradise”. You know it? Listen to the classic “Upholstery” (“Carburetors man, that’s what life is all about”!), actually listen to any and all of this fabulous album in which he takes a musical theme and places it in different genres. Swan is one of the most truly truly evil characters of all time.


Gratitude & Trust By Paul Williams & Tracey Jackson
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