New York Social Diary: I Loved This Show

April 24, 2013: So where did I go? Over to the Café Carlyle for the opening night of Paul Williams’ cabaret evening. This is the place.

Williams who was really famous in the 70s and 80s as singer, songwriter and actor, went away from the scene for awhile, caught up in his own torpor of self and success that Show Business often provides along with the glory.

Last year, a new documentary about the man, by Stephen Kessler, called “Still Alive” debuted:

And now, the man has returned to performing with a brilliance that only time and life can endow. Williams was prolific, writing a lot of what are now standards. When you hear them again, your whole demeanor transforms (mine did anyway) on the spot.

This is what a perfect cabaret act in New York should be. And it got the perfect audience response. Applause Applause. From the moment he takes the stage and introduces “the real Paul Williams” to his audience you’re back in the comfort zone of your own youthful moments of energetic reverie.


Gratitude & Trust By Paul Williams & Tracey Jackson
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