Podcast #25 – Rosanne Cash


For those of you who enjoyed our podcast, this is your last one. We are going out on a high note with the multiple Grammy winning, singer, songwriter Roseanne Cash.  And while her own celebrity and accomplishments are extraordinary in their own right, she is also the daughter of the legendary Johnny Cash.

Roseanne is a warrior for the light. He music, her spirit and her enthusiasm are inspirational.

We hope you enjoy listening to her as much as we enjoyed talking to her.

Roseanne Cash

And as they say ladies and gentlemen – “That’s a wrap”

Podcast #24 – Patricia Cornwell


Patricia Cornwell  is the world’s number one bestselling crime writer. Pretty amazing achievement isn’t it? She has sold over one hundred million books. Now that may not sound like a lot, but trust me when you’re a writer it’s an insane amount.

Patricia created the beloved Dr. Kay Scarpitta. But success did not come right away for Patricia. She worked at it.   And she has great stories to tell of ingenuity, imagination and perseverance and how she put all the pieces of her knowledge, passion and talent together.  Very inspirational stuff.

She is just out with a new book,  “the haunting and irresistible”—Depraved Heart.

Today we are thrilled to have her as out podcast guest.

Take a listen to Patricia Cornwell.

Podcast #23 – Malcolm Jamal Warner


You might remember him from the cute little boy on The Cosby Show. Well, he is all grown up and a talented singer and director.  Today we learn all about what he’s up to. Take a listen.

Podcast #22 – Phil Rosenthal


Phil Rosenthal was the creator and executive producer of the hit show Something About Raymond.

He has a new show on PBS called I’ll Have What Phil is Having. He travels the world and enjoys food and shares it with us all. Today he will share a lot with us.

Take a listen.

Podcast #21 – William Powers


William Powers is the author of the bestselling book Hamlet’s Blackberry; which poses the important question of how do we live a balanced life in the high paced, dopamine driven, instant gratification fueled digital age.

To find some answers Powers turns back the clock, way back, all the way to Socrates, Plato and Seneca, and from there he moves forward to the present and focuses on seven key figures, who he refers to as The Seven Philosophers of the Screen.

His theory is that every couple hundred years a life changing invention shakes the status quo to its core and challenges the way people live, interact and communicate.  And in each of those times these seven men have found ways to deal with the distractions, ways that are as relevant today as they were 2000 years ago.

Today we talk to Bill Powers and he shares his insights and wisdom and some laughs.

We promise you you will not just enjoy this podcast – it could change the way you live.

Take a listen.

Podcast #20 – Wally Shawn


Wallace (Wally) Shawn is a master of many trades. He is an award winning playwright.  His plays include Aunt Dan and LemonGrasses of a Thousand Colors and The Designated Mourner, which is also a film starring Mike Nichols. He co-wrote the screenplay for My Dinner with Andre which he starred in with Andre Gregory.

Wally is paparazzi identifiable thanks to his roles in The Princess BrideClueless and Gossip Girl, to name just a few. His voice is known by tens of millions thanks to Toy Story, where he is the voice of Rex. He is also the voice of Gilbert Huph in The Incredibles among many other voices he has done over the years.

Recently Jonathan Demme’s film based on the Ibsen play THE MASTER BUILDER   starring Wally and Andre Gregory came out from Criterion on DVD and Blu-Ray.  The DVD is available separately as well as in the three-film set.

Presently Wally is in London where his play EVENING AT THE TALK HOUSE is being performed at the National Theatre.

Today we are thrilled to have him on the podcast.

Podcast #19 – Opie


Today we interview Opie aka Greg Hughes of the Opie and Jim Norton Show on Sirius. He is wildly popular, funny and honest. We have been on his show several times and he is the best.

Podcast #18 – Cheech Marin


For years he was part of the comedy team of Cheech and Chong. On his own he has been in countless movies and TV shows. He’s funny. He’s smart. He has great stories to tell and today he shares some of them with us.

Cheech Marin on The Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson Podcast!

Podcast #17 – Margaret Atwood


Margaret Atwood is without a doubt one of the most beloved, influential writers of her generation. She has published over thirty-five books and today comes out with another – The Heart Goes Last, which is already receiving stellar reviews.

Margaret Atwood is an ardent environmentalist, feminist and a Canadian National Treasure. We were lucky to get to talk to her about her new book, some of her older books, her feelings on the environment and other topics close to her heart.

The Heart Goes Last is available today on Amazon and in your local bookshops.

Podcast #16 – Linda Perry


Linda Perry  is an American rock singer-songwriter, and record producer. She first became known as the lead singer and primary songwriter of 4 Non Blondes, and has since founded two record labels, composed and produced hit songs for several other artists. They include Christina Aguilera (who had a worldwide hit with Perry’s “Beautiful“), Gwen Stefani (“What You Waiting For?” from her album Love. Angel. Music. Baby.), Adam Lambert‘s “A Loaded Smile and Grace Slick (“Knock Me Out”). Perry has also contributed heavily to albums by Courtney Love and Kelly Osbourne as well as signing and distributing James Blunt  in the United States.

Today Linda sits down with us and shares some of her secrets for success and life lessons.

Podcast #15 – Jason Mraz


For all of you Gratitude and Trust followers this is the ultimate Gratitude and Trust Podcast.

Grammy winning, international singing star Jason Mraz spends an hour with us and reads each of the Six Affirmations and interprets them in his own way. A true treat for those who follow the affirmations and a wonderful introduction for those who don’t.

Jason Mraz is not only an extraordinary talent he is a true example of living life in gratitude and trust.

Take  a listen and tell us what you think.

Podcast #14 – Martha Stewart


Today Martha Stewart is coming out with her 85th book. Yes, 85 books. For those of you who don’t write books that may not seem like such a big number. But it is huge!  Enormous.  On top of which she runs a giant company, publishes a magazine, is a social media phenom, runs three homes and is philanthropic.  We were very lucky to get to talk to her about life, living it well, getting through the tough times and realizing your dreams and her latest big project American Made.

Congrats Martha on number 85 – Appetizers. BTW – like all of her books it’s terrific.  For sale here or your favorite Indie.

Now – take a listen to Martha.

Podcast #13 – Neil deGrasse Tyson


Super star.  The man who turned the study of science fun and hip. The astrophysicist who is a rock star.  Neil deGrasse Tyson is our guest on The Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson Show today. You will learn things you never thought you cared about knowing. And then you will want to learn more.

And after you have listened to this – go listen to Neil’s podcast Star Talk.


Podcast #12 – Billy Bob Thornton


You know Billy Bob Thornton  from Sling Blade, Monsters Ball, Bad Santa, heck, he’s  made 84 films, we  can’t list them all. He had a super famous marriage. But we do not discuss that. So don’t go in thinking you will hear love life tales.

He started out as a musician and is now the lead in a group called The Boxmasters.

He has great stories, a lot of wisdom and is a regular kind of guy, in a real irregular way.

Take a listen to today’s podcast with Billy Bob Thornton.

Podcast #11 – Buck Henry


The Graduate. Catch 22. Saturday Night Life. Get Smart. Heaven Can Wait. To Die For, are just a few of his credits. Writer. Actor. Director. Buck Henry has been a fixture on American comedy scene for decades.  Today he shares some of his stories, insights and wry humor with us on Gratitude and Trust -The Podcast.

Podcast #10 – Garry Marshall


We were thrilled to sit down with producer, writer, director, actor Garry Marshall. From Happy Days, Mork and Mindy, Pretty Woman, Princess Diaries, Beaches, the list goes on. Garry is known by multi- generations for his endless accomplishments.  He shares some great stories and gives some good tips for staying in the game of life.

Podcast #9 – Penn Jillette


Penn Jillette is one of the more interesting entertainers around. For forty years he has been half of the legendary team of Penn and Teller who took magic to a whole new level.

He is a writer and film producer, as well as having acted in over forty films.   Penn and Teller produced and starred in  the successful TV Show Bull Shit that ran for seven years on Showtime. They now have Fool Us on  CW.

He has written two New York Times Best Sellers God, No and  Every Day Is An Atheist’s Holiday. He  is now working on a new book, that charts and explains his recent 110 pound weight loss.

Each week Penn does his podcast Penn’s Sunday School, which is one of the most popular podcasts in the country.  A proud atheist and vocal Libertarian, you might not think it,  but he has an honesty and sense of personal truth that fits in very well with Gratitude and Trust.  Take a listen.  Penn Jillette has a lot to say!

Podcast #8 – Richard Lewis


This week we talk to comedian and author Richard Lewis. Curb Your Enthusiasm, his new book Reflections From Hell, recovery, relationships, careers.  pretty much anything you would want to discuss, we discuss. Funny, fast and furious – the wonderful Richard Lewis on today’s Gratitude and Trust The Podcast.

Podcast #7 – Gloria Estefan with Emilio Estefan


Tracey and Paul sit down with  singer Gloria Estefan and her husband producer Emilio. They talk candidly about how they met, the beginning of The Miami Sound Machine, their extreme successes and the lows. Gloria and Emilio have managed two high octane careers and multiple business while raising a family.  They are frank, funny, inspirational and heartwarming.  That’s a lot for one podcast!

Podcast #6 – Lewis Black


OK ~ well today is a super podcast day. Personally we think they have all been wonderful.

But, Lewis Black is an American treasure. He is also ( sorry James Brown) the hardest working man in show business.

Now if you want some laughs, some advice and some guidance on how not only to make it, but to persevere in whatever you love, this podcast delivers that and more. Lewis did not really get famous until he was 50. Yet he hung in there and worked his ass off for all those years.  Listen and find out what kept him going all those years.  It might help you!

Podcast #5 – AJ JAcobs


Do you have any idea what it might be like to be the healthiest person alive? Ever think about taking a few years off and sitting down and reading the Encyclopedia Brittanica? All editions? Can you imagine  living exactly the way the Bible tells you to, I mean to the letter. How about holding the world’s biggest family reunion and  being able to prove that you were related to everyone there. Tune into to today’s podcast and find out how writer AJ Jacobs has done all of the above.

Podcast #4 – David Steinberg


David Steinberg has been a constant presence in the entertainment world for decades. In the late sixties and seventies he was one of America’s best-known comics. He was a regular guest and guest host on The Tonight Show.  He has directed some of our most iconic TV sitcoms – Seinfeld, Friends, Curb Your Enthusiasm, among many others.

David now hosts his own show Inside Comedy on Showtime.

Today we are thrilled to have him as a guest on Gratitude and Trust – The Podcast.

Podcast #3 – The Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi


Today on Gratitude and Trust the podcast we welcome The Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi. We talk about growing up as a minority and how that affected Aasif’s sense of self and his comedy.  How being an actor changed things for him and how his role on The Daily Show got him more in touch with his religion among other things.  Be sure to watch Aasif in his new HBO show The Brink and his own Internet show The Halal Family. He also has a wonderful book out called No Man’s Land. We covered all of this too!

Podcast #2 – Judd Apatow


On their second podcast Tracey and Paul talk to Judd Apatow about the release of his new book SICK IN THE HEAD, Freaks and Geeks, what it feels like not to be popular in school and his adventures in movies and TV. Sick In The Head is on sale starting today.

Podcast #1 – The Nerdist Chris Hardwick


Welcome to the first podcast of Gratitude and Trust. Today’s guest is perhaps the number one podcaster in the country. He’s a well known comedian and the Patron Saint of the Nerds  The Nerdist Chris Hardwick. Chris shares his insights into what it takes to be a great podcaster, life, love and the pursuit of nerdiness.