The Paul Williams & Tracey Jackson Podcast

Podcast #15 – Jason Mraz

Grammy winning, international singing star Jason Mraz spends an hour with us!

Podcast #14 – Martha Stewart

Today Martha Stewart is coming out with her 85th book. Yes, 85 books.

Podcast #13 – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Super star. The man who turned the study of science fun and hip. The astrophysicist who is a rock star.

Podcast #12 – Billy Bob Thornton

You know Billy Bob Thornton  from Sling Blade, Monsters Ball, Bad Santa, heck, he’s  made 84 films, we  can’t list them all.

Podcast #11 – Buck Henry

Buck Henry has been a fixture on American comedy scene for decades.

Podcast #10 – Garry Marshall

We were thrilled to sit down with producer, writer, director, actor Garry Marshall.

Podcast #9 – Penn Jillette

Penn Jillette is one of the more interesting entertainers around and he has a lot to say!

Podcast #8 – Richard Lewis

This week we talk to comedian and author Richard Lewis.

Podcast #7 – Gloria Estefan with Emilio Estefan

Tracey and Paul sit down with  singer Gloria Estefan and her husband producer Emilio.

Podcast #6 – Lewis Black

OK ~ well today is a super podcast day. Lewis Black is an American treasure.

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